Saturday, September 6, 2014

TRIcolor Sandwich

breakfast recipe
tricolor sandwich

These sandwiches can be made in the morning for kid's tiffin, or one may even carry it while travelling.

I've used white bread for this recipe because it is softer than brown bread but you can use brown bread equally. Also, I've used cheese slice in this sandwich as I prepared it for my kiddo, but for adults u can skip cheese slice. For Pear Jam, you can find the recipe here

Recipe :

Preparation time: 5 min
Cooking time : NA
Serve : 4 Sandwich

Ingredients :

White Bread : 4 slice
Kisan Mix Fruit Jam : 2 tsp
Amul Butter : 1 tsp
Pear Jam or Any Green Color Jam : 2 tsp
Cheese Slice : 1

Procedure :
  1.  Cut the corners of all the bread slices.
  2.  Apply Kisan Mix Fruit Jam on 1 slice.
  3.  Cover it with 2nd slice of bread and apply amul butter on it.
  4.  Place a cheese slice on this buttered bread slice.
  5.  Cover it with the 3rd bread slice and apply pear jam on it.
  6.  Cover it with the last bread slice.
  7.  Cut into four triangles and serve.

Tip :

If the sandwiches are to be consumed after a few hours, then wrap them individually in cling-film, sandwich will remain fresh.

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